In the perfect quiet of this room

grandly gathered silence is not gloom

loft with light my mind is miles way

in deep dark comes wholeness here to stay


far from norms and commons I am free

with no friends or family of three

one to one supports each other’s song

home at last, with Northwest love I long


freedom supersedes security

now with both comes full identity

acceptance I never fully knew

blends my life to paradise ~ with You.

Cora of enormous grace
how I long to see Thy face
line-defined with centuries’ care
whole compassion I read there
eyes so soft from grief long held
hands so gentle warmly meld
all my searing pain you take
as your own, accepting make
quaking terrors all be still
quenched in love that forms your will
every strength in love you give
quelling fear, that I might live
Oh my Cora, in my arms
I Embrace Thee, with all charms
to delight — to ease your load,
keep, and tell your Beauty PROUD.

I wasn’t born to happiness
I wasn’t born for joy
I wasn’t silver spoonfed lass
I wasn’t golden boy

My life’s not been a blessing sent
a fine unfolding leaf
nor has it been all brute torment
battery’s unbelief

I could have been a betterment
a cog of culture’s wheel
but I have been myself, unbent
an unforgiving feel

enraged at lethal losses, I
have forged myself of steel
since he who solo loves me for my
every single feel

at fifty plus I bristle still
in molten lava rage
intensity, ferocity
belie my latent age

with soul unbent I don’t relent
but gratefully retire
with story bold I’m still not told
within my inner fire

I focus in and keep therein
beloved’s loving cure
and know my space is in his place
I face ahead — mature.



I tossed the neighbor dog a bone
she quickly snatched such scented stone
with deer-like eyes she lay and chewed
complete contentment she construed
her ears lay soft, her soul absorbed
entire world was her accord
she did not question whence it came
or wonder of my motive, game —
the fullness of her ecstasy
receiving unselfconsciously
was my Thanksgivings’ happiness
accepted gifts’ consuming bliss.

What kindness is age
departed from sage
advisements in youth
and lifetime’s abuse
survived — knowledge gained
no textbook explained …

magnificent stay
of autumn’s bright day
gold heralding joy
all ecstasies play
specifics to hone
but generals known …

can struggles surcease
and brainpower increase
in forging new ways
acceptance full lays
belonging is real
past ejections heal …

gold sun loves embold
eased angers soft hold
compelling allayed
disturbances stayed
compassionate age
so tenderly sage.

A schoolchild stares out the window at a tree--
   but inside, the yellowed walls enclose.
He longs to be out to reach and touch and see--
   not inside, in desks of rigid rows.

   I still remember how it was
      Not to know or feel--
   To ride a yellow school bus--
      To get there and congeal.

         a girl sat
         in field heat
just run away from home
         the girl thought
         and sobbed, too beat
to hide from burning sun

         her home a jail
         of labor, toil
from sunup, till new dawn
         to figure how
         to work and cow
and still not be a pawn

         her temper blew
         as pressures grew
too great to be endured
         to satisfy
         yet not deny
her chiefest goals procured.

         She stayed away
         afraid all day,
that if she should return
         she'd find the door
         against her bore
a curse -- locked fast -- her spurn.

         The sun went down
         new cool, her crown
and still she stayed steadfast
         afield held
         and could not yield
to duty calling past.

         And night came on
         the sun long gone
yet still was heat's embrace
         nor did she go
         her bed to know
her field far safer place.

         She finally slept
         in sun she wept
her fear found no relief
         but after sun
         her fear was gone
she slept away her grief.

         She awakened then
         weed stiff -- with ken
she knew she must go back
         reluctant, rose
         bike wheel flows
at midnight laid in sack

         Nor was their door
         against her for
she guessed they needed her
         her crime she knew
         remorse and rue
was all they heeded sure.

         So work she did
         and all they bid
but she could not forget
         though punished not
         nor scolding got
her dread worst fear was yet...

When a woman has a brain
      there's so much pain

she's not supposed to be so smart
      beyond her part

never once surpass a man
      although she can

a male would never marry her
      with brains for sure

if she climbs atop the scale
      her spouse will rail --

no man can stand to be outdone.
      Reward?  ALONE.

We climb upon the backs of many
          to succeed.
Sometimes, however unintended,
          those backs bleed
same backs of those who gave to us in
          greatest need
no wonder then so many choose
          against such deed
refusing to hurt those they love for
          their own seed
not able to accept forgiveness
          as their creed
distrusting their desiring they
          damn as greed
resentment in them grows like a fast
          rooted weed
against all who can take such potent
          other feed
just jealousy and hatred have;
          destruction breed.
But who forgiveness trust, their own
          self-loving heed
courageous through all pain their giving
          love is freed.

Waited early, saw it late
pearl and silver compensate
pinks ingrained in charcoal slate
sunset of a rainy date